Sunday 16 May 2021

5 hours and 8 minutes already, and it's not even lunchtime yet

It's currently 11.56am and I've already cared for my carer for 5 hours and 8 minutes this morning, which means there are less than 4 hours of care left for today before I reach 60 hours of care in 7 days.

Judging by how long I've already cared for my carer this morning, I'm guessing it'll be yet another day with over 10 hours of support.  For the fourth time this week.  But I'm not his carer and apparently do buggar all to support him.  Strange that, considering I've been keeping a record of times that we've cared for each other for the last 4 weeks and my carer is yet to reach double figures of care a week yet I care for him for at least 50 hours a week, despite not being considered to be his carer.

So that we'll be having more than just biscuits for lunch, I'll use up the plastic cheese from last week for Steve's lunch and just have toast or bread for my own lunch.

He says he does porridge for us every morning and cooks lunch for us every day, yet we haven't had porridge for at least 6 weeks and he's only cooked 3 times this week, for an average of 30 minutes per meal, yet he wants all the credit and support for being my carer.

I pay for the electricity each month and groceries each week, but my carer gets credit for that too despite the money coming out of my account and me apparently not doing enough to support him 😠  After all the bills coming out and assuming there aren't any substitutes with the groceries, I'm left with £4 in my account each month, yet Steve is a patreon/supporter of at least 3 or 4 podcasts at a cost of at least £4 a month each, but I'm selfish for needing to borrow a fiver literally from Friday to Monday just so that I don't go overdrawn.  


He owes me £2,025 which he's been promising to pay back, yet complains about lending me a fiver for literally 4 days a month.  I bet that he'll say he paid for my credit cards when I was struggling with the payments, but I've paid him back several times and I've taken another £1,586.90 off what he owes me to cover it yet again on 5th May 2021, so I've got proof next time he brings it up 'cos it's in a spreadsheet, along with the dates and amounts of everything I've lent him since 2020 alone.  The amount that I've taken off covers over a years worth of minimum payments to all my credit cards combined and there's no way he paid for them for that long❗  I'm not denying that he helped me, but only for maybe 2-3 months, which is an absolute maximum of £400, so I've paid him back over three times the amount he actually paid and I've paid it back multiple times too.

I'm basically an unpaid carer and bank that doesn't charge interest to anyone (Steve's not the only one I've lent money to), seemingly.

Time to go and make Steve's lunch now, so I'll BBL.

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