Monday 10 May 2021

That's the groceries sorted for another week

The deliverer came literally 3 minutes early and bagged up our groceries for us, which Steve took from the doorstep to the other side of his leg, then I took all the bags through to the kitchen and put the fridge and freezer stuff away along with Steve's pop and I'm feeling incredibly ill as a result now.

Managed to take my Calcium and put the pill box away literally seconds before the groceries were delivered though.  I'm gonna be living on 4 cans of ginger beer and 2 slices of dry (un-spreaded as opposed to old) bread a day for the next week, 'cos I haven't got any pop and there are only 3 loaves of bread instead of our usual 4 and Steve complained about how much spread we'd used in the last week, so Steve'll be having his usual 4 slices spreaded toast each morning and sandwiches in the evening, yet I'll be lucky if there's enough bread for me to have 2 slices of bread a day and Steve wonders why I don't each much.

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