Tuesday 25 May 2021

Already over half way and...

...I've discussed getting a Morrisons mid-week delivery pass with Steve and we are both happy with them so when I can afford it, we'll get a mid-week pass and get half of our monthly delivery slots free... if we decide on the yearly mid-week one then it's less than half the price of a 6 month any time pass, so if the monthly trial goes OK, then I'm thinking we'll go with a year-long mid-week pass so that we can have the full budget of food every week instead of only being able to go £1.50 over the minimum basket thing.

The half way bit I said about in the title of this post is that after only 2 days I'm already over half way to the minimum amount of care for the week 'cos I've cared for my carer for 18 hours and 28 minutes already this week, so only another 16 hours and 32 minutes to go again before I'm at the 35 hour weekly threshold.  My carer has got a regular medical appointment tomorrow, so that'll likely be the 6 hours and 32 minutes, then I've just got 10 hours of care to provide in four days, which'll likely be done in a single day or a day and a morning, considering I've got a medical appointment on Thursday morning too.


It's the weekly, deeper virus scan tomorrow, so won't be opening my email programmes until that's finished and backups are out of the way.  I've potentially got another book to read and review, assuming the author agrees to me not taking the review down if they don't like it.  It's too late to save it to read tomorrow now though, so might be a Friday job to take me into the weekend... I'll be glad when the weekend finally gets here this week❗  😌


Did my exercises a couple of hours ago, so hopefully that's made me cream-crackered enough to fall asleep quickly without spending forever tossing and turning after climbing the stairs having woken me up.  I charged up my FitBit too, so that'll hopefully keep me going until Friday morning at least... I just hope it's got enough battery power to last me while I'm at the doctors again.  Apparently I've still got to eat another 80 calories to meet the daily minimum but our lunch has totally stuffed both of us so I ain't gonna eat or drink anything else before the morning now.

I'm heading to beddy-byes now, so I'll say goodnight to you all and I'll see you all at some point tomorrow.

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