Thursday 27 May 2021


Well, I'm back from the appointment and I managed to hit the bullseye (at long last) on the two checks (BP and weight) so she doesn't want to see me again for either of them (unless I need to) until the New Year now, which is a huuuuuge relief and for the first time in getting on for 10 months she didn't say about needing to refer me to a Dietician at the hospital!  I've just gotta maintain the weight now, so I'll still keep eating what I've been eating, but won't feel like I have to send my calories through the roof at least once a week any more and if, when the Covid restrictions have been lifted, I meet up with C again, then I will be able to move around more in the pub/restaurant instead of moving as little as possible. 


Basically today has just improved dramatically and I've hopefully saved the NHS a little bit of money by not needing the referral.  I forgot to ask about how to lose my flab without losing any more weight, but I really don't care now.  I might re-start doing sit-ups at some point in the future, but I wanna get used to another new routine first.

We're having an entire package of hash browns each for lunch in celebration, but it's one less thing for me to worry about now.

Thank you Gaia and the Green Man❗

Lunch today was a packet (4 servings) of hash browns each and I'm totally stuffed now.

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