Friday 28 May 2021

13 hours and 41 minutes today

I've cared for my carer for over 13 hours today and over 49 hours so far this week, which means I'm pretty much guaranteed to hit 65 hours before I head to bed on Sunday night, but apparently I don't do anything to care for my carer.


I've taken my evening pills so I'm gonna head to bed in a bit.  Need to remember not to turn my computer off tonight 'cos of the monthly virus scan.  


D has, predictably, requested that I do some edits on her site that is gonna take a bit of doing, but she's a friend so I shouldn't mind doing it for her, right❓  Even though it feels like she's taking me for granted again and I bet she'll ask me to lend her money again too.  I suppose I should be grateful that it's not very often with her, but people seem to assume that it's one rule for me and the exact opposite for them.  They spend on average, two messages supporting me a year and the rest of the time I spend supporting them, and they don't know how to react when I explode at the end of every year, other than to either ignore me or tell me to bring it here then they give me the cold shoulder until they've forgiven me for daring to be unable to cope and having precisely no support for anything 'cos it always comes back to them, 100% of the time.


Ho hum, you'd think I'd be used to it by now, wouldn't you❓


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