Friday 21 May 2021

Virus scan finished, my carer's breakfast and his first hot drink sorted, pills taken and...

...I've already cared for my carer for over 3 hours today.  I told him that I wanted to study today and asked him to stay awake in case the phone or door went, but less than a minute later he was snoring away again, so today is gonna be yet another day that I won't be able to study because I'm caring for my carer.



Y'know what?

I am gonna study today, 'cos I've already done the minimum amount of care this week, so my carer can sod off until Monday now.  I'm gonna plug my headphones so that I'm not disturbed and spend all day studying.  It's time I did things for myself without feeling guilty, so that starts right now.


My carer has gone back to sleep but tough luck, he's had more than 35 hours of care out of me already, so he can care for himself for the rest of the day now.


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