Sunday 9 May 2021

Our "big freezer" is now...

...almost completely empty of old frozen food.  


There are literally 2 boxes of something or other that I couldn't safely reach (because I'm a short arse at 5 foot tall) without falling in and I discovered some frozen home-made butternut squash soup that Steve's mum made for us at least 2½ years ago, ASDA stuff that's at least 3 or 4 years old and all kinds of pizza's and pies and ready meals "from that time when I couldn't be bothered to cook" according to Steve, so I reckon that's easily £100 of wasted food in 3 bin bags, wasted, yet again.

I can take the vegan sausage rolls off tomorrow's groceries though, 'cos Steve's gonna have one of our current boxes for his tea, then we've got another one in the big freezer, an unopened bag of frozen veg with a use-by date of July 2021, the best part of a kilo of frozen peas in the little freezer, 3 packets of Quorn mince, meat-free meatballs and a family roast.  


When my body has recovered from yesterday's Covid jab we've got a Sunday roast with heaps of veg, pasta and meatballs, "Pig-Out" (vegan) rolls, chips and veg as well as at least 3 mince-using meals too ready and waiting to be used without spending any more money.  We've still got a pot of curry sauce to use which'll make a dent in our rice mountain, but we don't need to be so strict with how little freezer stuff any more... I just don't like wasting so much money on food that just gets binned.

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