Sunday 23 May 2021

As I predicted yesterday...

...I asked my carer to do one thing for me (make me a bottle of squash) before I came downstairs this morning (so 11½ hours) and he said he would.

I stupidly believed him.

Came down at 6.32am to find the still-empty bottle where I left it, which meant that I had to struggle to do it myself ('cos I'm a short-arse).  Again.

My carer has had plenty of opportunities to care for me this week, but has spent literally a couple of minutes sorting out the techy thing for me yesterday, another couple of minutes arranging Thursday's medical appointment for me, he's cooked for both of us 3 times this week and he lifted the recycling boxes down and put them in the middle of the kitchen, then took the food waste caddy and rubbish sack to the hall for me.  That's literally all he's done all week which I reckon (without checking) adds up to under 3 hours in the last 6 days, so it's impossible to care for me for the minimum of 35 hours (so over 32 hours left to go) in the next 15 hours.  Even if he spent every second caring for me between now and when I go to sleep tonight, he'd still be over 15 hours short!!  He's my carer and he does everything for me though, apparently.

Time to take my morning pills then make my carer's breakfast for him, then I can do my exercise and the news again, for the first time in two weeks.

The virus scan is under way, so hopefully that'll be clear.

I'm pondering on going back to the loooong, once a day blog posts for a while but I'd love your opinions before I do it, so pretty please leave me a comment on this post to let me know your thoughts on the idea?

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