Wednesday 26 May 2021

Virus scan found... malware, so I started the backups and ran the bath.  It was actually a warm bath today, thankfully, but I need to remember to pull the switch in the bathroom an hour or so before I plan to jump in the bath so that the hot water is ready to come out straight away, instead of having cold water to start with.  It was nowhere near as cold as I was thinking though, so didn't need to boil the kettle and get Steve to feel the tepid-ness of it after all.

The back-ups are 91% finished, then I'll be able to put the external hard drive away for another week and check my email for the first time since yesterday.

I've gotta remember to ask the nurse to be honest with me about my belly tomorrow... my head is telling me it's a bit flabby, but not too bad, my psychosis is telling me that I'm a fat pig 'cos I can't see my pubes over it, but my clothes size is telling me that I'm very nearly there.  I'm ignoring my psychosis, but am I just flabby and need to work out how to tone up my belly a bit without losing any more weight or do I go by my clothes size and tell my head to completely shut up.  I don't wanna lose any weight, just the wobbly flab, but I don't know how to get rid of it without losing any weight.  I was doing sit-ups when I needed to lose weight, but stopped doing them as soon as I hit my target weight, so I just need to tone up/build muscle now, but I dunno how to do that without also losing weight.

I'm gonna crack open the custard creams now, so that my fingers don't get sticky just as my backups finish 🙄

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