Friday 21 May 2021

Literally just scraped through with...

...a pass, first time.

The passing score was 70% and I scored 70% which was a relief.

I've just done my exercise to try and reduce my huge thighs so I'm well and truly wiped out now.

I've got a busy week next week - 2 medical appointments (for my prescription reduction review on Monday then again on Thursday for my weight and blood pressure checks), then the groceries delivered in the afternoon, then I've gotta stay in to wait for a letter to be delivered that needs to be signed for on Tuesday, Steve's got his medical appointment on Wednesday so I've gotta stay around to answer the door to him when he comes back and in case the phone or door goes while he's out/asleep and wait for my weekly virus scan and backups to finish off, then the second medical appointment on Thursday, so I'll only have 3 days to recover before it all starts again the week after!

I've taken all of my pills every day so far this week, so just gotta remember tonight's tablet then each of 'em at the weekend and I will hopefully have a totally empty pill box for the first time in at least a couple of months!

Time to get ready for taking my evening pill now.

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