Sunday 9 May 2021

Lunch was a disaster for me 'cos...

...the egg messed my stomach up.  Not even a whole egg either, literally one piece that was about 1cm by about 5mm and about 1mm thick made me almost throw up, just like yesterday's toast.  I managed two slices of toast this morning, so maybe I just pushed my stomach too far, too fast again❓


I'm literally just 5 minutes of care less than the daily 5 hours for Steve then I've already cared for him for 5 hours today and like I guessed yesterday, I cared for him for over 10 hours by the time I headed to bed yesterday, so I'm almost guaranteed to hit 17½ hours (so an extra 50%) over the 35 hours of care a week budget this week and Steve hasn't even hit the 17 minute mark of caring for both of us combined this week - yet apparently he's my carer who does everything for me and spends all day every day caring for me, which is total bollox in reality.

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