Wednesday 26 May 2021

Back-ups finished, exercise done... now I just need to recover ready for taking my last pills of the day and heading to bed.


I'm only 12 minutes off caring for my carer for 7 hours today, so that's pretty much guaranteed before I head to bed, but might be able to sneak in another hour or so if he falls asleep before then.  I'll be happy with just another 12 minutes of care for the 7 hours though, 'cos that's still 2 hours over the daily minimum and'll be about 25 hours-ish so I'll only have 10 hours of care left in 4 days, which is pretty much guaranteed every day except tomorrow, so maybe a 50-ish hour week of caring for my carer by bed-time on Sunday❓ Apparently I do bugger all to care for him though 🤷

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