Tuesday 18 May 2021

Totally done in now!

I've just done my exercise and the only time I'm gonna leave the sofa now is to go to the bathroom and then, after I've taken my pills, I'll go up to bed and hopefully zonk pretty much straight out, like I did last night.


My thighs are killing me, my knees are wobbly and my head's going "WTAF were you thinking just then?!"


I've put the Tuesday Fitbit image up on my homepage now, and I think the reason I was so knackered by the time I eventually clambered into bed, was 'cos Sunday was my best steps day and I managed the most steps since the puppy dog went to Rainbow Bridge (5th November 2020) yesterday too... only by about 500 but it was obviously too much on top of the new exercise too, so I think I pushed my body a touch too hard yesterday and it's making me regret it today.  I won't push it so hard for the rest of the week though, so it'll have a chance to recover.

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