Sunday 23 May 2021


I made Steve and I a hot drink without realising how close to pill-time it was, so I had the reminder on my screen before I'd even brought the drinks in!  I've taken my last pill of the day now though, and I'm about half way down my hot drink, so I can pretty much guarantee that I'll be awake in the early hours needing a wee now.


Gotta try and remember to ask the nurse tomorrow if my psychosis is part of my WKE or if it's a lingering MH condition 'cos I read that psychosis can sometimes be a part of one of the stages of the WKE but I'd always assumed that it was separate, so I've gotta try and remember to ask about that as well as asking if they can email me with the NHS URL that my GP told me about at the same time as Headway (who I'm still waiting to hear back from lol).  Other than those couple of weeks of absolute fury which I seem to have come out of the other side of now, I'm happy to stay at the 5mg for a while longer.


There's been a suggestion of possibly setting up a crit group for Scoobies in the South West for those writing chapter books and lower middle grade, so I've said that I'm interested as long as it's all done online... we shall see what comes of it though.

I managed to do all three sets of news today, which I'm feeling proud of 'cos I hadn't even looked at it after 6th May, but I quickly got back into the rhythm of it, so hopefully it'll be a bit quicker from tomorrow onwards.

I'm 21 minutes off caring for my carer for 10 hours today, which possibly explains why the three sets of news took so long to do.  Might not make it to the 10 hours today, but we shall see.  Judging by my current lack of tiredness it's gonna be a late night and he's just putting his legs up, so he's gonna be asleep soon, so I'll have to monitor his breathing, so might still stand a chance of hitting the 10 hours.  I've gotta work out the total for the week then, to make sure it's over the 35 hours, which it should be pretty comfortably I reckon.

Dunno if I'll make another blog post before I head to bed tonight, so I'll say nite nite to you all and I'll see you all at some point tomorrow hopefully.

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