Wednesday 19 May 2021

That's the Calcium taken and...

...the virus scan finished, so I can start the backups now.


We've got a huge thunder and lightning and hail storm shaking the house atm which immediately set my alarm bells ringing 'cos I don't like having my laptop plugged in when there are storms in case the lightning strikes and fries my hard drive, but it only lasted 15 minutes so my paranoia is calming down now and I'm gonna make a start on the backups while I'm finishing off a survey then I'll create the restore point and load up my email programmes for the first time in about 16-ish hours, then hopefully have enough time to study at least one short course this afternoon.


The 5-HTP has completely stopped this mornings anger somehow and I'm back to my normal self again now, so I've gotta remember to take one next time I feel the anger building as it seems to help with my anger as well as my depression!

Gonna give my legs the day off with the exercise today... I've overdone it and don't wanna force my legs to do too much too soon, so I'll have today off, start again on Thursday and Friday and give myself the weekend off too so that my legs are still able to hold me up when I walk around the house.

Steve reckons we're gonna have cheese and onion mini rolls for a late lunch 'cos I won't be able to put my laptop on the floor, which makes a change from zoop and they are solid so will hopefully have more calories in 'em too, so that I can hopefully put more weight on 🤞 before the end of this month when I've gotta remember to make an appointment to have my blood pressure and weight checked again... bet I'll be the same weight again though, despite frequently eating at least triple what I burn lol

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