Tuesday 18 May 2021

That went significantly better than I was thinking!

The appointment today went significantly better than I was thinking.  They've already saved me £30 a month for the next 3 months on the electric alone!  Assuming I save that £30 I'll have £90 in the bank to pay off the debt in one chunk, which would be even better and if we can keep the electric at £145 a month after the 3 months too, that's over £350 a year saved that can pay off a huge chunk of our debt... I'd need to phone the bank to pre-authorise the payment though, so that it wouldn't be rejected first off.

That's a huuuuuge weight lifted off our shoulders now and Steve's cooking his lunch as I type this, so I'm gonna see how my stomach feels this afternoon then maybe try a couple of slices of spreaded bread and a pear or two out of the fridge for my lunch.

Steve's just come in with his burgers, so we'll see how my stomach reacts to the smell then take it from there.  He's just explained how to get the cheese to melt and apparently there were only 2 slices left so he had to tear each slice in half for his meaty burgers and made me feel sooo guilty for using so much of the cheese - even though literally all I had was less than half my little fingernails worth before it screwed me up, but apparently the lack of cheese for his burgers is my fault.  Again.

Time to go and spread a couple of slices of bread with the spread and bring a couple of pears in for my lunch too.  I'm pondering on making salad sandwiches for my lunch though, to give me a bit of flavour... dunno for definite yet though.

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