Sunday 30 May 2021

Weekly care totals for both of us

Amanda's carer's weekly total of care:  2 hours 5 minutes in 7 days

Amanda's care for her carer:  68 hours 34 minutes in 7 days 

Basically Amanda was 1 hour 26 minutes away from caring for her carer for double the amount necessary to get Carer's Allowance and her carer just scraped through the 2 hour mark, in a week when Amanda had a medical appointment so her carer had plenty of opportunities to increase the caring hours, but he decided against it.

If next week is even remotely like this week, I'll pretty much sail through the 70 hours pretty easily and I doubt I'll hit 3 hours of care from my so-called carer.

I've clocked off my daily caring for my carer now so I'm gonna catch up on Facebook then head to bed I reckon.  I doubt I'll make another blog post before I crawl up to bed, so I'll say goodnight to you all now.  See you all tomorrow morning for more ranting, raving and whining and a fresh start with another 2 sheets in my caring spreadsheet.  If I didn't have OCD and an addictive personality I'd put a bet on that I'd hit 70 hours of care for my carer, in return for under 5 hours total from him <shrug>

Nite nite orl.

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