Sunday 16 May 2021

I've been awake for 3.75 hours and already achieved quite a lot

So far today I've:

  •  Completed the daily virus scan
  • Taken my morning pills
  • Made Steve's breakfast and 2 hot drinks for him
  • Cared for my carer for very nearly 3 hours
  • Taken the rubbish and recycling out.  Alone.  Again.
  • Tried to study a course, but soon gave up after my carer fell asleep again so I had to monitor his breathing.

I asked my carer what we were having for lunch and his reply was "biscuits 'cos I can't be arsed to cook.  Sorry" which means that he won't be caring for me at all today, so I can almost guarantee that the total weekly care for both of us combined by my carer is 2 hours and 12 minutes including him cooking our three hot meals for us, yet I've already cared for him alone for longer than that so far this morning, let alone the last 6 days, but apparently I'm not his carer and I do nothing to care for or support him.

Gonna finish off my glass of water (there's not enough coffee left in the jar for us both to keep having decaf coffee, and I've already had my 2 mugs of caffeinated coffee that I'm medically allowed each week) then do my exercise, upload it to my website then read and reply to emails and Facebook, seeing as how my studying plans for today have already gone tits up.

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