Monday 3 May 2021

Just booked my...

...2nd Covid jab for Friday, just after lunch and adjusted Monday's grocery order, so other than literally 6 cans of ginger beer and 6 bottles of pop, the entire order is for Steve on Monday, so about £35 worth off stuff just for him and £6 for me that's gotta last us 7 days.  I bet Steve'll complain about how little stuff he's got again, too.  Depending on how much pop I get through before Friday, I might take off 3 bottles of pop and add another 6 cans of ginger beer to Monday's order, just in case it affects me as badly as the first jab did.

Gonna email the enabler now to give her as much notice as possible about how ill I might be feeling next week.  I've asked Steve and he said "see how you feel over the weekend first" then rolled his eyes at me, so yet again I'm having to do things that I've asked him, as my carer to do.  To give him appropriate credit though, he's done 2 things (made me a bottle of squash and tried to make a phone call) which in total has added up to 3 minutes of care so far this week.  I bet I won't get any more support out of him for the rest of this week though - if he's feeling really supportive then he might get me a single can of ginger beer on Friday afternoon, but that'll be it then.

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