Monday 10 May 2021

Over 3 hours so far this morning

I've cared for Steve for 3 hours and 8 minutes so far this morning and he's cared for me for 4 minutes.  I've asked him to postpone the electric thing on Thursday and I've sent him a text message requesting it too, so he can't say I didn't.


I've refilled my pill box 'cos I seemingly forgot to do it yesterday then took my morning pills, finished off the virus scan, weighed myself, sorted out the Fitbit spreadsheet, then uploaded it and brought the recycling boxes in.  Just waiting for the rubbish bag to go then I can bring that in and do Steve's breakfast for him when he wakes up so that I can find out how many slices he wants.


All the groceries are in stock this week, so Steve'll be able to eat and I'm hoping there will be enough bread for a couple of slices of bread and spread each day next week.

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