Monday 3 May 2021

It's 3.50pm and so far today...

...I've cared for Steve alone (NOT joint things like putting the groceries away or making us both a drink) for 4 hours and 15 minutes, which means I've just got 45 minutes of care, for Steve alone, in the next 4 hours to have reached the daily minimum of care to get carers allowance.  Steve, OTOH, has cared for me alone (not joint) for 3 minutes.  If I include the joint things then the totals are that I've spent 4 hours 28 minutes caring for both of us, compared to Steve's 9 minutes of joint care.

If I react the same to my second Covid jab then there will be significantly less care for Steve starting on Friday afternoon, but pretty much the same of him caring for me... might increase to half an hour a day if I'm lucky, based on 12 weeks ago.

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