Saturday, 1 May 2021

6 hours and 10 minutes of care so far today

I've provided Steve with individual care (as opposed to doing things for both of us) for 6 hours and 10 minutes so far today.  Steve (who's supposed to be my carer for 35 hours a week) has provided 2 minutes of care for me (he refilled my bottle of squash) today, yet he's registered as my carer even though the last 13 days have proved just how little that really is.  If I add up the amount of care he's provided for both of us this week, it still only adds up to 2 hours and 54 minutes for the entire week (and 2 hours of that was when the cake was baking) and my total, adding in the care I've provided for both of us, adds up to 16½ hours, so neither of us have cared for one another for long enough, but I've done over 5 times the amount of caring that Steve has and I've done 5 times the length of caring that Steve has, yet he proudly wheels out the carer lable whenever he wants to!


I've taken my last pill of the day and Steve's asleep again, so I'm gonna shut down and head to bed soon.


Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning.

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